Messed your body up with fad diets?

Uncover the simple truth behind building a leaner, more energetic, better functioning you.  No fads, no gimmicks.

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Building a body that looks and works better isn't magic. It's cause and effect

The Way Up gets women's bodies working like they used to.  We'll get you off low energy, fad diets and get you leaner and stronger.  

We help stressed, frustrated women tone up, get their metabolism up & make sense of things.

99% of women have tried so hard to lose weight, they've done more damage than good in the process.  Whether it's chronic bloating, low thyroid, terrible energy, no libido or just plain old weight management issues we can help.

Crystal clear coaching on how to eat, exercise and live to support your best body, and life.

Way Up women eat with their families, go out to eat guilt free and have a great relationship with food. They eat carbs, dairy if it suits them, fruit and natural sugar.  They aren't part of a fad diet club - they are a part of a group of women all seeking to become their powerful best selves - life included!

Here's how The Way Up works

The Way Up provides you with everything you need to be successful in rebuilding your body to it's best.
No going it alone — we provide an environment and support so you can get back to your best.

Proven Process

We turned the guesswork of healing your body,  whilst reducing fat and increasing muscle  into a science. Follow practical step- by-step instructions that are proven to work with 1-1 help from world class coaches.

Fix Your Function

We invented a new way to solve things that you've been told you need low carb, starvation diets and supplements to fix.  Way Up ladies solve digestive, energy, craving and binging problems quickly with our unique system.  There's no weird supplements, fasting or cutting out food groups.  That's kicking the can down the road and we're certain that you're sick of it.

Get Stronger

We've been coaching women to get stronger and leaner for 15+ years.  We have  a beautifully simple and do-able system to teach you.  No special talent required.  If you're strong and love to train already, or new to it and training from home, we'll show you..

Own Your Results

Fall in love with your life, and food again - this is what The Way Up will achieve for you.  Rebuild your relationship with food, eat with family and friends, and learn how to scale your results so you can keep getting better and better.
Hurry - we currently have a special offer ending [#today:{medium}]

Proven Results For Women Powering Up

We're not just meal plans, pdfs, an app, a facebook group, a recipe book or a membership site (although we have all of those things).  We provide close personal support, 1-1 coaching and, answers.


Active Way Up Women

2 hrs

Of LIVE Support Every Week

7 day

Support with world class coaches

We Take Care of The Full Stack

Most people buy supplements that do nothing, go to clinics that don't give full answers, and get completely disjointed advice about approaches that can't work long term.

We take care of the 3 critical parts of your journey:

Nutrition — You'll fix your energy, function and become unshakable in your ability to make progress.

Training — We'll teach you the world's most simple, yet stunningly effective way to exercise.

Recovery — You'll reduce your stress, anxiety, poor sleep, and rebuild your metabolism.

Build your baseline health & scale your results

Cut calories, cut out all your favourite foods, "ate clean" and it led you here, to a realisation that there must be a better way to succeed today, tomorrow, in the future and in a life full of volatility. 

Metabolism building

Revamp your actual baseline metabolism using traditional, digestible, nutritious food.

Heal your gut

Did probiotics and elimination diets? Cut carbs, still "nothing worked." Heal your gut function. No supplements, just results.  

Reduce fat

Lose body fat at the same time as building muscle (body recomposition).  It's the holy grail of changing your body once and for all. 

Eat carbs, fruit

Start using carbs and natural sugar to support your healing, energy and body.

Measure progress

Measure and manage your progress with help from Way Up coaches every week.

Get Stronger

Use our famous 3 Steps 2 Strong paint-by-numbers training system to help your body get stronger, and improve posture and pain.  

Get Clear

Solve all your uncertainty around food.  We'll take you back to a sane, sensible way of eating that works for you and the family. 

Time Efficient

We'll show you how to put a little in, to get a lot out.  Improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Become an Expert

Inoculate yourself against marketing, fad diets and influencers.  Learn how to do it all yourself, on auto-pilot.

Improve Thyroid

Increase your energy, metabolism and ultimately thyroid function.  Warm your body back up, and make weight management easier. 

Balance Hormones

Improve the function of the 3 main female hormone glands: the adrenals, the thyroid and the ovaries. 

Reduce PMS

Reduce oestrogen dominance and the resultant symptoms.  Learn how to do this yourself, and for good.
Join our FREE Training. Get Your Body, Energy & Function Back.  Feel Better & Tone Up Now.

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